Thursday, December 31, 2015

Silver price is just under 14.00  at 13.89 tonight 9:30pm  MTN time . News Year Eve  just saw a interesting story on one of the top silver market  writers  an article he released today heres the link  silver trading sideways by one of the well known market analyst and writer as he points out its been trading sideways and resisting its bottomed but most analyst remain bearish he himself in the last part of this article he believes it will be at 14.20 to 14.50 in the short future good article to read its from this morning my next post a good subject to tackle pre 1964 silver us coins and Junk Silver thing the fact that one dime pre 1964 of course 90% silver is now worth around 1.10 in metal (silver) pretty good for holding value and of course in the Industry called junk silver at cash out time and of course would not fetch the premium of pure 999 silver.Speaking of silver  I just bought some more maple leafs good time price will be going up over 14.00 so might as grab some now will look at us pre 1964 coins next post .
and Happy new year !

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Anyone who has watched the silver price charts on a 24 hr period here is a good place to watch the 24 hr over a lets say a week take a peek once in while and you will see a pattern  on the 24 hr charts and here is the site silver price .org first thing you will notice at around 8:30 too 9:00 am Ny time the comex open the charts you will notice  the drop at the comex opening .This happens 4 or 5 days out of the week Jp Morgan and Citi and a few other big banks manipulate silver prices with there shorted silver contracts and massive paper trading.Where they can control massive amounts of silver 500 ounces on paper for a mere 15.00 per contract with out ever touching any physical metal .The price will start rising through out the day after the morning comex opening drop off these banks have been fined huge fines over and over again for these practices silver resists this more and more until there not going to be able to do it any more these paper contracts have been oversold and at the same time there shorting silver on there contracts these same big banks are filling there vaults with silver bullion .Even they know sooner or later there game will be coming to a end soon shortage and investment bank customers  demanding there metal instead of cash settlements with these banks they used to settle for cash but know the bank is having to fork over the metals after there contracts end has made it harder and harder for these banks to control it its going to get away sooner or later heres a look at this morning at the opening of the comex

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

9:10 am MTN time Silvers price is up today after yesterdays down .Silver price seems to have resistance just below 14.00 if it does It does not stay there very long  . I been on the charts and daily watching price on a 24 hr period  for months now and its easy to notice the resistance at certain price points you wont loose your money it holds value. And its bottomed out I feel and starting to move
dont forget silver had three good days before yesterdays slide along with most of the stock market  and any trader knows there is going to be little take backs in a string of good days in price for stocks metals after several good days is a sign of a healthy market .Looking back since the rate hike three of out of the four days where in the green I expect this upward trend to continue slowly to the 14.50 level over the coming weeks next post we will look at US minted circulated coins dated before 1964 and a look at the industry term junk silver .

Monday, December 28, 2015

THE EFFECTS ON BIG MINERS Silver price is down around .40 cents this morning and not just the silver market its metals along with most stock market today I was just reading about the big silver miners stocks have been trading at a big discount this year .The big miners First Majestic (AG) Silver Wheaton (SLW) and Pan American silver (PASS) dont forget silver price has retreated from a 20.00 price in 2014 and lets remember this and the fact it silver was 30.00 a ounce in 2008 the drop in price to around 14.00 a ounce this is not bad .A matter of fact this is leaving quite a bit of room for profit and like I said this is the time to buy bullion or big silver mining stocks there all trading at a big discount and with this uncertainty in the global economy metals could easily surge in tougher times . I still predict at least a 15.00 16.00 price a ounce  on silver by the end of 2016

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hello good morning the market is still closed for the holiday today
Lets look at any gov minted .999 pure silver silver eagle britainia maple leafs or any of the popular gov bullion coins let me explain the face value today vrs the real true value in pure silver. Each one carries a legal tender face value minted into the coin the britainia (two pounds) maple leafs (five dollars ) american silver eagle (one dollar ) of course there not worth the minted value and will never see circulation for that reason there all every single ones value is the live spot price (market  price) plus two dollars. Just for the fact minted gov bullion sells a couple dollars premium over spot price. So in fact every one of these coins is worth around 18.00 -20.00 dollars each not 1.00 or 5.00 or two pounds !
so this is what makes it attractive also when the silver goes up you sell the coin or round is sold at a small premium over spot price and there dated so add a date premium for older bullion

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Where do you buy silver bullion and what to buy ?
The answer to that is online dealers  There are a few really good bullion dealers
highly reputable great customer service I use them a lot I will list them today
Now on what you want to buy your best bet is gov minted bullion like these american silver eagle ,the canadian silver maple leafs ,mexican libradad ,british britainia. all are 999 pure silver there gov backed and highly accepted and taken anywhere and easy to sell.Then you have the private mint bullion very good also and cheaper than the gov minted rounds but they are closer to spot price heres a list of good dealers ship right to your door heres the list JM BULLION ,APMEX, PROVIDENT METALS I buy here MCM theres a bunch more dont forget great sites for more info SILVER  COIN  INVESTOR a site by Dr Jeffery Lewis videos one of the best ! GREAT INFO THERE at silver coin and startsilverinvesting .com

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy holiday well silver and gold price is up  again .Both been on the move up of course today the markets are all closed prices are around 14.30 a ounce it had gone down 13.20 at the worst of the pre rate hike period .I got a feeling its going back to around 15.00 15.50 a try ounce it had been as high as sixteen just a few months back before that long wait before the fed rate hike that sent everything including the stock market into instability nothing was stable before the hike now it seems things are looking up since the hike both stocks and silver and gold I myself just pick up a few ounces more just want take advantage of the price before it gets over 15.00 there saying it could hit 16.00 and 18.00 by the end of next year or sooner who knows good guess Im just seeing too much resistance for it not to go back to 15.50 or 16.00 to its earlier high just a couple months ago.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hello and and happy holiday welcome to the Brand New Silver Investment for Everyone blog its Dec 23 2015 and excited we just launch the new website for beginning silver investors .You can find enough
 material there at the site start silver investing what to buy for bullion as you will see you can buy as little as 15.00 worth  silver is not a costly venture to buy a few silver one ounce rounds every month its a great hedge against inflation and good protection in a down turned economy we can cover more detailed look
on a lot of topics we will be covering here over the next few months silver is
up in price after the recent rate hike by the fed at around 14.32 a troy ounce at this writing and its a perfect time to buy for investment after the hollidays .We expect silver to go up 2016 in the  coming year have a happy holiday and will cover reasons to invest in my next post.