Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Silver Is up Big 14.45 today up 23 cents Nice looks like its getting traction lets not forget silver had risen a few moths back steadily to a high of what was 16.00. And I believe we are headed for 15.00 now i would expect another small take back in the coming days then continue slowly to around in the coming month or two  15.00 I knew silver would not be staying below 14.00 for long .

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hello Silver price today is 14.10 up 23 cents an ounce back over 14.00 mark
as expected Like I said is under priced at current price most experts agree
it should be trading at a real value most likely be around 18.00 dollars.Silver was up to around 16.00 dollars just couple months ago till the Fed Reverve sat indecisive  for month and then the weeks before the rate hike took place do not forget it effected prices on everything stocks bonds metals but unlike. Stocks and bonds are really shaky in the next few months the metals are just in the right place to be right now for safety after all there they gold and silver have hit the bottom price wise that is agreed by most experts also no investor could be in a better place than getting into metals now .

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Silver price closed at 13.91 of course the market opens Sunday night again and where its going as far the price goes expect it to go up over the new week

The markets elsewhere have been shaky and risky Stocks have been at there worst start off of a new year in history oil has gone under 30.00 a barrel a twelve yr low for oil and metals seem the safest place to put money now to protect yourself and make some money down the road
is going to be in metals .For another popular bullion  lets look a the United Kingdom Minted BRITAINIA one troy ounce .999 very popular made of pure silver its another good one to buy and its less expensive than both the the maple leafs and silver eagles its cost is closer to spot price easy to buy at any of the big online metal dealers for good tips on starting silver investing  go to startsilverinvesting.com

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Silvers up big today right through the comex open this morning currently
40cents higher at 14.13 at the moment. I was just reading a release by profit confidential one of my market silver market analyst and I see an Interesting report on the huge Demand this year and with silver prices bottomed last week
how silver sales been soaring since the new year .The Demand is up the US mint reported that there first week of the new year they allocated 4million ounces of silver eagles for the month of jan a total 4xtimes larger than what they allocated in the last five months of the year the Perth Mint in Austraila one of the largest private mints in the world sold 11.59 million ounces of silver in 2015 a whooping 52 % more than the year before 2014 the time is now and no better time to start.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hello Silver price has hung just below 14.00 since Sunday nights market open
currently at the Comex Ny market opening pressure from paper trading has brought it 13.77 at the 10:04am Mtn time. It is heading back up as we speak as it often does after the Comex Open drops it this is normal 3 to 4 days out of the week .The bullion bellow is the MEXICAN SILVER LIBRADAD its one troy ounce
of fine silver its a really nice coin with some nice art its also has is Minted in the Oldest Mint in the Americas Mexico City Mint it goes back to aztec times very popular coin and easy to get another good investment coin . one ounce of fine pure silver .

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The market closed friday with silver at 13.94 as I said I had  expected a little take back after the move up and that is just what happened after a couple good days silver hit its high at 14.31 at one point this week too much too fast as it had risen almost 50 cents per ounce in just a few hours I expected a little take back also noticing a bottom of 13.93 now holding resistance twice in one week shows where the bottom is I dont expect it to stay below 14.00 very long surely the price is getting back over 14.00 this coming week for sure almost later this year should be interesting for silver investors I expect global economy problems and that nis why to get into silver now in the first place its a safe haven in bad times .

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Silvers up almost .50 cents in the last couple days at 14.33 from its last price 13.85 sunday morning todays bullion is the AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE
the most invested coin and most poular bullion minted by the US MINT so
popular it was sold out this year and had to be rerun to keep up with the demand
 A Silver Eagle is 1 ounce of fine silver and sells for around 18.00 -20.00 us dollars

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello folks Silver opened this week with a bang shot right up to 14.15 to drop later the next morning  gold shot up 25.00 however strong through the night well over 14.00 it fell just below 14.00 after the comex open that jp morgan again the I smell Jp at work LOL . .Today silver is right at the 14.00 mark and trending up as we speak I watch to see if its breaks 14.15 this week. Lets start taking at look at some investment coins or bullion today lets look at nice one from are goods friends up north Canada here is the .9999 Silver 2016 Maple leaf its very popular around the world I have a bunch of these the ones here are mine here Just a really nice Coin Set you back around 18.00 to buy one Like I said very popular and a lot of guys and ladies who collect have these there one of the most popular .Each Round is one troy ounce of .9999 pure silver now is that not that prettier than a bunch of digits on a bank statement .

Sunday, January 3, 2016

WOW EVEN I CAN SAVE WITH SILVER !Good morning waiting for the market to open later today around 9pm MTN time to see where we are starting the week off price wise.On the saving thing I am perhaps the worst saver in history LOL really am so when I first found this hobby and investment .I also found a way to save finally cant believe its been painless and really a lot  fun .And Best thing  its the safest thing its not ever going to loose its value and there is something nice about a stack of silver you can pick up look at admire with its art work . From a collectable stand  point maple leafs ,eagles libradads ,britanias
all have really nice works of art there never going to loose its value and sure is prettier than a bunch of digits on bank statement . I buy like 60.00 100.00 worth at a time a lot of times the bigger dealers have deals on ebay like three silver eagles free shipping for around 60.00 dollars and and mostly all of them offer free shipping over100.00 thats why I but that way a lot . Dont forget you can buy as little as a ounce if you like its very affordable for anyone too unlike gold the average person can obtain lets say 30 ounces of silver for around 300 dollars nice thing you can do it in month or six months depends on your budget even people on low budgets can do it so get saving and have some fun too .

Saturday, January 2, 2016

SILVER PRICE has stayed the same for the last few days I  expect it to get to at least 14.20- this week. Lets talk about junk silver a term used in the Industry for 90% silver coins minted before 1964 . The US Mint opened in 1792 at that time silver content of us coins was 89.24% silver in 1837 The content of Us coins containing silver was raised to 90% of course all coins containing silver in the us are now containing copper nickel to replace the silver . A dime from 1964 containing 90% silver is now worth 1.10 in metal value (silver) 10 x its original or face value thats why most of the silver has been taken out of us coins.
I was checking out Bullion Vault    this is really nice its like a bank account
sign up they will even give you a little FREE GOLD and silver to start with you get account I think its like 5 or 6 bucks worth Nice platform where you can transfer money from your bank and buy small amounts of gold and silver they store in vaults you have a account panel where you can buy sell gold at a push of a button nice to cash out with just send the vmoney right back to your bank account also really nice they give you a ATM card linked to your gold and silver.