Saturday, January 16, 2016

Silver price closed at 13.91 of course the market opens Sunday night again and where its going as far the price goes expect it to go up over the new week

The markets elsewhere have been shaky and risky Stocks have been at there worst start off of a new year in history oil has gone under 30.00 a barrel a twelve yr low for oil and metals seem the safest place to put money now to protect yourself and make some money down the road
is going to be in metals .For another popular bullion  lets look a the United Kingdom Minted BRITAINIA one troy ounce .999 very popular made of pure silver its another good one to buy and its less expensive than both the the maple leafs and silver eagles its cost is closer to spot price easy to buy at any of the big online metal dealers for good tips on starting silver investing  go to

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